Welcome to the online portfolio of:
Joel Froomkin

This site invites you to explore the developing style and craft of a young man with an incorrigible passion for the magic of stagecraft!
Joel is a young director/designer who already has staged productions at historic regional theatres around America, designed on London’s West End, and directed renowned Broadway performers in the premiere works of award-winning writers. Joel has worked with many Tony-winning and nominated actors, legendary writers, and has apprenticed under several Tony-winning directors.
-Kathie Lee Gifford in Thumbs

Joel’s unique and eclectic combination of artistic talents have helped him develop an elegant, detailed and creative theatrical voice. He has been lovingly referred to as a ‘one-man creative team’, and has been called upon by many producers to put his creative stamp upon every aspect of a production. At his heart however, Joel feels that the joy of theatre is collaboration, and he relishes the joy of crafting a memorable theatrical experience with other theatrical artists. As a director, Joel’s productions consistently express his exuberant visual imagination.
-design sketch for Nine Days

Joel also has the distinction of being the second youngest set designer in West End history, and at the age of twenty-three was an associate producer for a major West End producing organization. In addition, Joel is also an experienced dialect coach, and has been hired regularly by The Paper Mill Playhouse to train dialects for many of their lavish productions. In addition to production dialect coaching, Joel has been working as a professor at NYU/CAP21's renowned musical theatre department.
-production photo from La Fenix

Joel holds an undergraduate degree in performance and a master's in design from the University of Southern California (both summa cum laude). He is the first individual ever to win the University’s Stanley Musgrove Award for Outstanding Creative Talent two years consecutively, and he has won awards for his direction at festivals in New York and overseas.

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